Poem on a Guernsey bus

Here’s a photo of my poem, ‘Drifted Down’, which is currently rolling around Guernsey on the 736 bus!

Huge thanks to Jon of Guernsey’s bus company who has to be one of the most friendly and helpful chaps on the planet. Here’s the highlight of our very lovely conversation:

Me: I don’t suppose there’s any chance of getting hold of a photo at some point at all?

Jon: Hang on, I think it’s on… yes, the 736, it’s due any minute, call you back in ten… [which he does, having just run outside, stopped the bus, hopped aboard and taken this pic!]


New poem in the Poetry Roundabout A-Z of children’s poets

Liz Brownlee’s excellent blog, Poetry Roundabout, is on a mission this month: to bring you an A-Z of children’s poets from the UK, US and around the world.

Today is ‘D’ day and I’m delighted to be in it, with my poem ‘Here’s A Little Jazz Number.’ Check it out here:

D is for children’s poet Shauna Darling Robertson

Huge thanks to Liz for including me in a list of brilliant poets and poems! You can see the complete list at the Poetry Roundabout A-Z List of Children’s Poets.

You’ll also find heaps of poems, news, interviews, poetry tips and other fun things on the Poetry Roundabout!

‘An Average Kiss’ in world’s first Instagram poetry exhibition

I’m thrilled to have a poem-picture, ‘An Average Kiss’, selected for inclusion in the world’s first Instagram poetry exhibition which is being held at one of my favourite places, the Saison National Poetry Library in London.

Earlier this year, the Library put a call out for Instagram poems. The exhibition, which will run from 26th April to 1st Jul 2018, showcases the best of these submissions, ranging from work featuring striking typographic design to social comments and emotional confessions, as well as a selection of short Instapoetry films.

Find out more at www.nationalpoetrylibrary.org.uk/events-exhibitions/instagram-poetry

(Spoiler alert: mine’s a poem on an in-flight sick bag!).

Poem in The Emma Press Anthology of Love

Here’s another wonderful anthology – which I’m delighted to have a poem in – from the talented folks at The Emma Press. It’s a gem of a book packed with a lively variety of poems accompanied by Emma Wright’s brilliant artwork.

Here’s the blurb: Building on the success of 2015’s Mildly Erotic Verse, this book explores the diversity of modern romance. Often awkward, never perfect, romantic encounters and relationships are rooted in our own contemporary world of Tinder, Twitter and TV dinners. But they are also part of an enduring tradition: the cornerstone of our common humanity. In this book, fifty-six fresh, diverse and original voices speak to what love means right here, right now, bridging the gap between Hollywood imagery and modern lived experience.

Grab your copy at theemmapress.com.

Happy Valentine’s!

Two poems in ‘DIVERSIFLY – Poetry and Art on Britain’s Urban Birds’

This is a gorgeous new anthology of poems and artwork from Fair Acre Press and I’m really pleased to have two poems included.

“In our modern urban landscapes, birds, and the intersections of their lives with ours, are the most common and obvious manifestations of nature, in all its adaptability and indomitability. DIVERSIFLY catalogues this beautifully in both words and images, with the poetry, from both established names and new, never seeking to separate the manmade and the natural, but instead letting the two bleed into each other. In turns funny, poignant, angry and joyous, DIVERSIFLY is a celebration of the wild world just beyond our front doors.”

(Matt Merritt, Poet and Editor of Birdwatching Magazine)

Copies are available from http://fairacrepress.co.uk

Poem stitched into fabric artwork

A deep bow to my lovely friend, the artist Boann Lambert, who just turned one of my poems into an intricate piece of artwork. The poem’s called ‘Give Me a Man’ and here it is transformed into a beautifully embroidered reel of fabric.

For more of Boann’s work check out her Instagram. As well as making a whole variety of art objects she’s equally a painter, printmaker and photographer – among other things. She works and runs creative workshops at Arc Studios in Frome, Somerset and will be exhibiting at Frome Open Studios 2018.

Helena Bonham Carter reads my poem ‘Dancing with Life’ in audiobook of ‘A Poem for Every Day of the Year’

Just out is the audiobook edition of Allie Esiri’s brilliant and hugely successful anthology, A Poem for Every Day of the Year, published by Macmillan (2017).

If I wasn’t already cock-a-hoop enough at having  poem included and seeing my name listed alongside heroes from Shakespeare to Spike Milligan, I’m now also slightly giddy having just listened to the always excellent Helena Bonham Carter reading my poem, ‘Dancing with Life’.

Now to light a fire, pull up a comfy chair and enjoy the rest of the collection, with all 366 poems read by Helena and fellow actor Simon Russell Beale, plus introductions by Allie Esiri.

The book and audiobook are available from Amazon (among other places).

Headbooks! exhibition at London’s Poetry Cafe: 1 December 2017 – 3 February 2018

Headbooks! is an exhibition of visual poems from the first two titles in Sidekick Books’  wildly experimental Headbooks series.

Aquanauts (cover image left) and Bad Kid Catallus (cover image right)  are both interactive, collaborative compendiums “combining the aesthetics of guidebook, catalogue and poetry anthology, melding the factual with the fantastical, the lyrical with the visual, and brand new work with remixed public domain art”.

Contributing artists include Forward Prize winner Vahni Capildeo, avant-garde Scottish poet and performer Harry Giles, CLiPPA Award winner Kate Wakeling – and me! Included are scrapbooking and do-it-yourself pages so that every copy is customisable, blurring the line between reader and writer.

The exhibition, curated by Sidekick’s writer-editors Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone, showcases collages, calligrams, mixed-media translations and telegraphic poems across two floors, including some exclusively redesigned for the exhibiting space. On the ground floor, you can find rewired and re-mediated versions of the poems of Catullus, the Roman poet famed for his bawdy and salacious verses, and for his explosive love-hate relationship with the mysterious noblewoman referred to in his poems as ‘Lesbia’. Below deck, you will uncover the dive-verse world of Aquanauts: sorrowful shipwrecks, Loch Ness sightings, vile jellies and deep sea leviathans.

Details, directions and opening hours at http://poetrysociety.org.uk/poetry-cafe